Smart 智能寵物飲水機
DU-13259 The SmartLink TM Waterer

  • 藍牙寵物健康監控系統,立即追蹤您家毛孩的飲水習慣。
  • 維持寵物飲用的理想水溫。
  • 雙層瀑布設計,過濾水中雜質。
  • 每40分鐘啟動一次水循環,保持水質新鮮。
  • 適用於多寵物家庭。



透過藍牙將訊息發送到SmartPetLink TM智能手機應用程式,以幫助您監控:

(1)寵物的飲水行為、頻率與持續期間 (2)水量過低需要補充時 (3)水量庫存控制管理 (4)飲水機需要注意時


The SMARTLINK™ WATERER – INTELLIGENT WATER FOUNTAIN uses Bluetooth™ technology to know when your pet, wearing a unique SMARTLINK™ TAG that is paired with the waterer, is near and will dispense filtered water from the reservoir through the two-tier waterfall design.

This allows your pets to drink clean, running water. To ensure freshness, the SmartLink™ Waterer will activate the water cycle every 30 minutes. The Bluetooth™ module in the waterer sends information to your SmartPetLink™ smartphone app to help you monitor:

  • Drinking behavior, frequency & duration
  • Water temperature
  • When the water reservoir needs to be refilled
  • Inventory control management
  • When the waterer requires attention
  • The SmartLink™ Waterer holds up to 64 fl. oz. and has a removable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl.
  • The waterer also comes with a SmartLink™ Tag, and a Universal Carbon Filter.
*Additional SmartLink™ Tags sold separately.
  • Bluetooth™ health monitoring system
  • Maintains the ideal water temperature for drinking
  • Filters impurities for cleaner drinking water
  • Alerts you when water reservoir level is low
  • Monitors pet’s water intake
  • Perfect for multi-pet homes*







絢麗不鏽鋼防滑寵物碗 - 瘋狂一世
Superhero Stainless Steel Dish
不同於,可能含有細菌或有毒增塑劑及著色劑的塑膠碗,不鏽鋼寵物碗是您最好的選擇! 結合流行時尚圖騰設計。 高級不鏽鋼材質、不變形、防刮擦、耐用、不怕生鏽問題。 不殘留食物異味、易清潔、不孳生細菌。 底部特殊抗菌橡膠防滑效果更佳,防止打滑與發出不雅的噪音。 食器邊緣精緻包裝絕不刮手。
輕時尚不鏽鋼防滑寵物碗 - 漾粉
Fashion Stainless Steel Bowls W Magenta
不同於,可能含有細菌或有毒增塑劑及著色劑的塑膠碗,不鏽鋼寵物碗是您最好的選擇! 結合流行時尚圖騰設計。 高級不鏽鋼材質、不變形、防刮擦、耐用、不怕生鏽問題。 不殘留食物異味、易清潔、不孳生細菌。 底部特殊抗菌橡膠防滑效果更佳,防止打滑與發出不雅的噪音。 食器邊緣精緻包裝絕不刮手。           Our Pets Gunmetal Fashion Stainless Steel Small Bowl. •Available in two patterns – paws and bones-n-paws •Holds up to 2 cups of dry food •Heavyweight, dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowls •Patented bonded rubber bottom prevents slipping and sliding
寵物碗兼飼料儲存桶兩用 (中大型寵物專用)
O-209 Store-N-Feed® Adjustable Feeder
專為中 / 大型犬種設計,可調整高度。 可改善寵物進食姿態,減少關節壓力,促進消化能力。 下部底盆餵飼料儲存空間,可儲存乾糧避免受潮。 左右各一組活動式高級不鏽鋼材質寵物碗,可單獨取出清潔,也可放置寶特瓶當水器。 不鏽鋼材質耐用、不孳生細菌、不怕生鏽問題。 食器邊緣精緻包裝絕不刮手。           Just the right height and it grows with your dog!   Comfortable dining for your medium or large dog Reduces stress on joints and bones Easy-to-clean, hygienic stainless steel bowls Each bowl holds up to 8 cups of dry food Stores up to 20lbs of dry food Self watering feature (remove bowl and use your own water bottle)