超輕防潑水透氣全護機能衣II - 墨玉綠/炭灰
Slush Combat Suit - Juniper/Granite
  • 輕量,讓狗狗在運動或行進時能有更加敏捷的動作。
  • 保護狗狗的毛髮和皮膚,免受外在環境的污染,特別是長毛狗。
  • 背部開口用於連接胸背。
  • 可調整腰圍、頸圍和腿圍。
  • 採用Houndtex® 防水透氣機能材質。
  • 使用3M反光條,增加黑暗中的能見度、安全的防護。
  • 材質柔軟,舒適耐穿。
  • 能夠保護狗狗腿部。
  • 洗衣機方便清洗。(不可使用柔軟精及烘乾)







各位飼主們在為您家寶貝挑選風雨衣時是否有這樣的困擾呢? 市面上幾乎所有的寵物專用風雨衣都可以防雨,但大多數寵物風雨衣所使用的材質,雖然可以杜絕水氣、風進入衣服裡面,也同時杜絕了空氣從裡頭出來。而長期穿著這類服飾不只容易讓寵物感覺不適,並可能因長期悶住而導致皮膚病。





尺寸 背長 cm / inch 頸圍 cm / inch 胸圍 cm / inch 前腿 cm 後腿 cm
25S 25 cm /10" 38 cm /15" 48 cm /19" 7 cm 7 cm
30XS 30 cm /12" 38 cm /15" 46 cm /18" 3 cm 3 cm
30S 30 cm /12" 50 cm /20" 50 cm /20" 8 cm 7 cm
35S 35 cm /14" 56 cm /22" 60 cm /24" 9 cm 10 cm
40XS 40 cm /16" 50 cm /20" 60 cm /24" 3 cm 3 cm
45XS 45 cm /18" 54 cm /21" 62 cm /24" 5 cm 6 cm
50M 50 cm /20" 68 cm /27" 90 cm /35" 17 cm 18 cm
55M 55 cm /22" 68 cm /27" 90 cm /35" 17 cm 18 cm
60M 60 cm /24" 86 cm /34" 92 cm /36" 24 cm 24 cm
70M 70 cm /28" 100 cm /39" 115 cm /45" 26 cm 26 cm
80M 80 cm /32" 104 cm /41" 120 cm /47" 30 cm 28 cm
  1. 洗衣機方便清洗,不可使用柔軟精及烘乾
超輕防潑水透氣保暖機能衣II - 黑醋栗/櫻桃紅
Summit Parka - Raven/Cherry
Houndtex防風、防雨及透氣專利技術。 3M 反光技術,在黑暗中增加能見度、安全的防護。 穿著舒適、方便穿脫。 可調式背長、腰圍、頸圍。 方便穿戴胸背。 新增帽沿設計,增加頭部防護。 完全防護。 洗衣機方便清洗。(不可使用柔軟精及烘乾)               各位飼主們在為您家寶貝挑選保暖衣時是否有這樣的困擾呢? 一般的保暖衣大都分為兩大類: 鋪棉外套 - 鋪棉外套雖然具有保暖功能,但如遇到下雨時反而會因外套淋濕而導致犬貓失溫,並因皮毛淋濕、悶住導致皮膚病。 防風防雨風衣 - 一般風衣雖然可以防雨,但大多數寵物風衣使用的廉價材質雖然可以杜絕水氣及風進去衣服裡面,但同時也杜絕了空氣從裡頭出來。而長期穿著這類的服飾不只容易感覺不適,並會因長期悶住而導致皮膚病。 Hurtta長年致力於寵物機能衣的研發,所開發的機能衣均採用houndtex專利材質,不只防風防雨,並具有透氣的功能。並使用3M反光技術,讓您的寵物在夜光行走時提昇能見度,更安全的防護! Hurtta所設計的每款機能衣均經過研究數百隻犬貓的身體結構並開發自己的服飾樣板,穿起來舒適服貼,像是專為您的寵物量身訂做的一樣。 The Hurtta Summit parka is a simple and efficient way to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather. The winter jacket is designed to complement the thermal insulation capacity of short-haired dogs and dogs with no undercoat, preventing them from freezing in unfavourable weather conditions. Even dogs with thick and long fur need protection against the cold from time to time. Examples of factors increasing the dog's need for warmth include wet fur, post-exercise stress, old age, pregnancy or various illnesses. The highly technical winter jacket protects your dog's most important muscle groups, chest and the sensitive abdomen area. Quick to put on and take off, the jacket is particularly well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training. The product has a water-resistant and breathable Houndtex® coating and high-visibility 3M reflectors. The Hurtta Summit parka is a completely revamped, highly functional version of the classic winter jacket. Recommended for demanding use. Waterproof Pleasant to wear 3M reflectors Adjustable back length, belt and collar Recloseable opening for harness on the back in sizes 30-90cm Protects the chest and key muscle groups Integrated harness in small sizes 20-25cm Recloseable attachment loops for back legs in large sizes 65-90cm Machine washable
納維亞多功能訓練用牽繩 - 黑醋栗
Training Leash - Black
寵物訓練師的最愛 芬蘭設計、風行全歐洲 使用安全性高及耐用材質。 共可調整四種長度以及兩點牽引設計。 採用3M 反光技術,在黑暗中增加能見度、安全的防護。 使用高品質扣環及鉤環,增加安全性。 可一次牽兩隻狗。 洗衣機方便清洗。(不可使用柔軟精及烘乾)             Hurtta training leashes are suitable for both training and daily exercise. The leash is soft and comfortable in the hand, but the structure is very durable. The leash can be adjusted to several different dimensions based on the purpose of use. The effective 3M reflectors increase visibility and safety during the dark seasons of the year. Highly durable 3M reflectors Comfortable to hold in hand Washable
寵物訓練師專用防水透氣背心 - 黑色
Trainer's Vest - Granite
訓練師的最愛,專為愛狗人士所設計的一款專業背心。一樣使用HOUNDTEX防水透氣材質,下雨天也可當成雨衣使用,並且沒有雨衣悶住不透氣的問題。   由Houndtex層壓,防水、耐用的運動布料製成。 可調整腰身和衣領。 雨帽藏於領子內,不需要時可折疊收納。 使用高效反光條,增加黑暗中的能見度、安全的防護。 多重口袋設計,滿足您的各種需求。   多重口袋設計: 右上為3C口袋,設有耳機線孔。 左上口袋為上方開口,方便放置水瓶。 左下口袋內附可拆式口袋,方便清洗、可放置寵物食品。 背後為大口袋,可放置大型配件或玩具。 A training vest for the diverse needs of active dog enthusiasts. Made from Houndtex-laminated, water-repellent and durable sports fabric, the vest has a close-fitting waist and high collar, both of which are adjustable. A thin, waterproof hood is hidden inside the collar. The front of the vest boasts four zipper pockets as well as a detachable, washable pocket for sticky treats. The big side, breast and back pockets provide plenty of space for larger motivational toys and accessories.  Ample space for treats and motivational equipment A detachable bag for treats in the front pocket Comfortable fit with narrow sizing A hood that can be folded inside the collar Water-repellent, breathable material Efficient reflectors that improve visibility