PG-6250BSG 寵物行軍床 - 架高涼床 (L)
PG-6250BSG Pet Gear Lifestyle Pet Cot
  • 通風透氣的網狀布設計
  • 在戶外可讓寵物遠離細菌,昆蟲和髒汙的侵擾
  • 摺疊收納容易
  • 輕巧攜帶方便,外出室內皆可使用
  • 鐵架堅固不易生鏽
  • 橡膠夾有助於防止涼床滑動。


產品尺寸 Product Dimensions: 50"L  (127cm) x 35"W (88cm) x 8"H (20cm)

Product Weight: 8 lb (3.6KG)



最大耐重量:60LB (27KG)


包裝尺寸 Shipping Dimensions (Carton/Box): 25.5"L x 35.9"W x 4.5"H

Shipping Weight: 9 lb




TL 5027SA 方型舒適摺疊屋
TL 5027SA Travel Lite Soft Crate Cage
輕巧方便攜帶,快速摺疊即可完成收納。 尼龍布材質,撥水防污、舒適、耐久堅韌容易清洗。 居家、休旅車用、外出郊遊使用皆宜。 內附防水內墊,容易清洗。 無須任何工具即可安裝拆卸。 大片透風網與前開大拉鍊門(可捲起或拆除)。 無鐵籠拘束感。 此籠子邊框材質皆為不易變形高韌性鐵線製成,網狀部份為600單尼龍網,防咬耐抓。
八角折疊寵物籠 - 活力橘
Octagon Pet Pens-Copper
 輕巧方便攜帶,快速摺疊即可完成收納。  尼龍布材質,撥水防污、舒適、耐久堅韌容易清洗。  居家、休旅車用、外出郊遊使用皆宜。  無須任何工具即可安裝拆卸。 可上開及側開(可捲起或拆除)。 八角設計,活動空間更大。 無鐵籠拘束感。 此籠子邊框材質皆為不易變形高韌性鐵線製成,網狀部份為600單尼龍網,防咬耐抓。              The Travel Lite Soft-Sided Pet Pen is a wonderful place for your small dog or cat. It is vented on all sides and the top can be left open or closed. The front door allows for easy access when opened. It is a great travel pen and easy to set up and take down for quick access. Folds completely flat for easy storage and portability Front-zip door can be left open for easy access or closed for containment Removable top is partly vented and provides shade from the hot sun Side storage pockets provide a place to keep things you might need to care for your pet handy Interior floor is water-resistant Made of 600 denier nylon Travel-friendly Lightweight and portable
PG1240LV 多功能五合一手拉車 - 薰衣草紫
PG1240LV I-GO2 Traveler Roller Backpack-Lavender
尼龍布材質,撥水防污、舒適、耐久堅韌容易清洗。 可手提、側背、後背、手拉、安全座椅符合不同場合使用皆宜。 內附毛質軟墊增加寵物舒適感,容易清洗。 兩側可加大空間,加強空間利用。 大面積可上開透氣網。 600單尼龍網,防咬耐抓。 內附雙安全扣環,增加安全性。               The five-in-one I-GO2 Traveler has a telescoping handle with wheels to function as a rolling case. It can be used as a backpack, tote, carrier, or car seat. The Traveler offers the most room and a fashionable design. Comes with a removable pad for easy washing, two tethers to secure animal, and wheel cover. Unzip the sides to allow the carrier to expand 3". If the pet fits the dimensions of this product comfortably when the product is fully assembled, the product will support the weight of the pet. For small pets only. Read sizing dimensions of product carefully. The I-GO2 Traveler is a: Carrier - Car Seat - Backpack - Roller Bag - Tote Fleece-Top Comfort Liner Included tether can be attached to your pet's harness for extra safety Two side storage pouches for your pet's extras Telescoping handle stores out of the way just like a suitcase Sides can be expanded to add 3 inches of additional space