Hurtta 冒險家牽繩 - 銀灰色/太陽橘
Adventure Leash - Grey/Orange Sun
  • 使用柔軟、可透氣材質。
  • 可裝配Hurtta防水LED燈(適用於極端氣候,可耐受+50°C至-40°C)。
  • 高效3M反光條,增加黑暗中的能見度、安全性。
  • 全新把手採用潛水布材質,柔軟好拉。

Hurtta Adventure is a reflector product range that consists of a collar, a harness, a leash and a LED light. All products are equipped with an easy-to-use, strong fastening mechanism for a Hurtta Polar Led Light. One light fits all products in the range, making it easy to reposition the light if necessary. The collar and harness are made from soft and comfortable neoprene and breathable mesh fabric. High-visibility 3M reflectors improve safety in the dark.

• Compatible with the Hurtta Polar Led Light
• One light fits all products in the range
• 3M reflectors
• Soft and breathable materials


型號 顏色 尺寸
Hurtta932689 太陽橘 180cm x 20mm
Hurtta932690 銀灰色 180cm x 20mm
寵物訓練師機能背心 - 寶石藍
Go Finland! Trainer's vest - Blueberry
訓練師的最愛,一款提供訓練和比賽用的專業背心。   採用溫暖、防水透氣的軟殼材質。 內刷毛,保暖。 穿著舒適貼身,緊身的腰身和高領的設計。 腰身及領子均可調整。 戶外及室內皆可使用。 背心周圍的勾環設計,方便連接各種配件。 充足的口袋空間,可用於放置零食和獎勵   多重口袋設計: 正面有三個口袋,其中一個設有拉鍊。 背後為大口袋,可放置大型配件或玩具。 Training vest for training and competition use for dog sports and supporters. The product is made from waterproof and breathable Softshell fabric. The vest has a close-fitting waist and high collar, both of which are adjustable. The product is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. One of the three front pockets has zip fastening. A big pocket across the entire width of the back provides space for larger motivational toys and accessories. There are also rings and clips around the vest for attaching various accessories. Ample space for treats and motivational gear Comfortable fit with narrow sizing Warm, water-repellent and breathable material Efficient reflectors improve visibility
冒險家機能全護胸背 - 銀灰色/太陽橘
Adventure Harness - Grey/Orange Sun
芬蘭設計、風行全歐洲 簡約設計,穿起來舒適、無拘束感。 使用柔軟、透氣材質。 可裝配Hurtta防水LED燈(適用於極端氣候,可耐受+50°C至-40°C)。 充分保護寵物的胸部及背部。 高效3M反光條,確保夜間安全。 The Venture harness is a safe and comfortable choice for active and mobile dogs. The harness is also suitable for trekking and everyday adventures. The harness has ample adjustability at the neckline and chest, so it fits dogs of various shapes and sizes. Two snap buckles on the chest section make the harness easy to put on and take off. The back section of the harness has a loop handle that improves control of the dog in challenging situations. Inside the harness, there is an area for the owner’s contact information. The Venture product range has been designed for a demanding consumer who appreciates the added features in the products. Fits dogs of various shapes and sizes Adjustable on the neck and chest 3M reflectors
炫亮超反光牽繩 - 橙色/黃色
Dazzle Rope - Orange/Yellow
芬蘭設計、風行全歐洲 柔韌的圓繩、耐用的結構設計。 柔軟的軟墊握把,增添手部的舒適感。 高效的3M反光技術搭配高亮度染料,提高在黑暗中的能見度。 使用高品質扣環,安全且不易生鏽。   The round rope leash is soft to hold in your hand. The padded handle adds extra comfort. Efficient 3M reflectors and bright high visibility dyes improve visibility in the dark. • durable construction • padded handle • 3M reflectors and high visibility dyes